California to Louisiana

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for being a travel agent for my two kitties, Riley (6) and Ginger (4). During my relocation from California to Louisiana, I had a million things to think about. I was so happy to know that all I had to do with the cats is let your company handle the details.

Your travel agent, Barbara, was so sweet and easy to work with. Barbara answered all of my questions and made me feel secure about the trip my kitties would be making.

I was really impressed with how she handled all of my needs. She told me exactly what I needed to do to prepare my kitties for travel and handled all the arrangements with the airline.

Since I relocated during the Summer, one of my biggest fears was that the kitties would be harmed by the heat. Barbara made sure to find an airline that serviced my location that could ensure the temperature inside the plane would be consistant and would not rise above a safe level.

Since I don’t have children I tend to treat my kitties like they were my kids. Their well-being is one of my highest priorities. I honestly might not have moved had I not been able to ensure their safe journey. My cats arrived safely.

I would recommend your services to any of my friends, family, and co-workers.

Thank you for your help.

Shannon W – Louisiana