Florida to Washington

Barbara –

WE MADE IT!!! The airline you booked for us was great and definitely used to handling neurotic mothers like me. Charlie did fairly well. Unfortunately both legs of the trip were exceptionally turbulent so he got off a little shaken up but ten minutes later was just fine. The forty minute connection was a little tight but they allowed me not to board until they were sure that he had made it. Again they were great with me and that had to translate to Charlie. He was definitely the last thing loaded and the first thing off on both legs.

Many thanks for all your time and efforts on my behalf. I know that it was a little crazy there for a bit. I very much appreciate your patience and won’t hesitate to use you again. In your business half the challenge is the overprotective, neurotic parents of the four leggeds of which I definitely qualify. A sincere thanks for all your efforts.

Clare M – Florida