Holiday Puppy Scams!

The holidays are approaching and many families are thinking
about a new puppy for the family from Santa.
Pet shippers hear sad puppy scam stories on a daily basis.  It really is heart breaking.  From puppies that literally do not exist to
puppies that are poorly bred and very sick.
With all the puppy scams that we have experienced in nine years+ of pet
shipping, there is one very common thread-Internet purchasing!  Yes, if you Google for a new labradoodle or
schnauzer pup you are taking a risk!  No
way around it. Best advice is to talk to friends, vets, and colleagues and
purchase a puppy from someone who has already used the breeder.  There is no guarantee if you randomly go
on-line, find a cute little ‘fluffy’ from an on-line breeder and decide to buy.  The scammers are so smart, so quick and
ruthless!  And one other thing-NEVER WIRE
Be careful and maybe even consider rescuing a dog from a local
shelter.   Happy puppy shopping and Happy
Holidays!  Puppy Travel

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